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Boombozz Pizza history dates back to 1998 when Tony Palombino decided to combine his personal recipes and flair with everything he had learned from his family. His idea was to combine one small pizza oven and a lot of hard work to create gourmet pizzas with premium ingredients. He’s always worked on the premise that if you try the pizza just once, you’ll love it and keep coming back for more.

The name “Boombozz” comes from Italian slang and means wild, crazy, and fun. Tony puts these ideas at the front of everything he does. The result is the totally unique flavor of a Boombozz pizza, and the fun atmosphere of a Boombozz Taphouse restaurant.
veggie pizza and a small calzone


BoomBozz Taphouse Fund-Days are an easy way to raise funds for your school or organization! We will schedule your Fund-Day on an available Monday through Wednesday. You will receive a customized flyer to e-mail and distribute to your families, friends and supporters who will turn in that flyer with their Taphouse order on the designated date. At the end of the night your flyers will be tallied and we will write a check to your group for 20% of the net total. Remember, the more people who bring in flyers, the more money you will raise!
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