Eat. Drink. Watch. At BoomBozz Pizza & Watch Bar, every visit is an experience. Delight in award-winning gourmet pizzas, enjoy our selection of hand-crafted beverages, and get swept up in the thrill of live sports. Come see why we're more than just a pizza place – we're your go-to spot for good times.

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From Humble Roots to Culinary Success

Boombozz Pizza & Watch Bar traces its origins back to 1998, when Tony Palombino ignited a culinary revolution from a modest carryout and delivery space adjacent to his family's home. With just one oven and a vision, Tony mixed personal recipes and top-notch ingredients, promising that one bite leads to lifelong memories.

The name 'Boombozz' reflects our essence: wild, crazy, and fun. Nationally recognized, including accolades like 'Best Pizza in America' not once, but twice, we've proven that dedication to excellence pays off.

Join us for an unforgettable award-winning menu, a lively setting, and a place where every game is an event. Discover why Boombozz isn't just a pizza place—it's a destination for those who cherish good times.


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Absolutely incredible pizza! Perfect crust, mouthwatering toppings, and heavenly flavors. A definite five-star favorite!

- Kevin

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I love a good pizza and BoomBozz did not disappoint. Tried the green chili chicken and it was awesome. Also gave the wings a try and they were on point as well. I look forward to a return trip.

- Ryan

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Absolutely incredible pizza! Perfect crust, mouthwatering toppings,Great atmosphere, delicious food, friendly staff, and lots of TV’s to watch a game if you’d like. Definitely would recommend.

- Alex

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Franchising Opportunities

Boombozz Famous Pizza is ushering in a fresh era of colorful decor, today’s music, cold craft beer, unique wines, and a terrific selection of award-winning pizza, that serves up the entire customer experience. Boombozz is a highly marketable, original brand concept that attracts great employees and brings in loyal and fanatical customers. Step into Boombozz and you are greeted with a delicious selection of mouth-watering ingredients that allows you to build your own pizza or choose from our founder's award-winning creations. A fresh and energetic look captivates the senses with the design, sound, lighting, and ambiance. Designed to be efficient and to maximize profit potential, Boombozz offers a unique and exciting experience that the customers will remember and talk about.

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